How to Auto-Start a Guest VM in Oracle VM/XEN


Step 1

Log into ‘Oracle VM Manager’ CLI

ssh -l admin [Oracle VM Manager IP] -p 1000

Step 2

Find the guest VM ‘Config File Mounted Path’

show vm name=[Guest VM Name]

Step 3

Connect to the Oracle VM Server host (hypervisior)

ssh -l admin [Oracle VMServer IP]

Step 4

Create a symbolic link to the ‘vm.cfg’ file of guest VM

ln -s /OVS/Repositories/[Server Pool ID]/VirtualMachines/[Guest VM ID]/vm.cfg /etc/xen/auto/[Guest VM ID]


ln -s /OVS/Repositories/0004fb00000300001006c4a0429098ee/VirtualMachines/0004fb000006000018e6b16ce431f03d/vm.cfg /etc/xen/auto/0004fb000006000018e6b16ce431f03d

Step 5

Restart Oracle VM Server host



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